The Climate Needs to Change – in Washington

A new study published online today in the journal Nature Geoscience indicates that the models predicting global warming could be wrong.  This is just another in a recent flourish of scientific evidence that refutes the claims of previous studies and rampant media hype warning of a changing climate unless we change the way we consume energy.  Let me mention quickly that, yes, I do believe we can be more efficient in our use of fossil fuels and that more attention should be given to alternative energy.  I’m just not too keen on the scare tactics being employed to promote the cap and trade agenda, especially where agriculture is concerned.

In the face of mounting criticism from agriculture interests, California Senator Barbara Boxer continues to grind out the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) about the consequences of not passing her beloved cap and trade.  According to Sen. Boxer in yesterday’s New York Times, “If we do nothing and argue over this to the point of stalling everything, the farmers in my state will be desperate, as they see more droughts and more warming.”  The main thing creating desperation in California farmers right now are the repercussions from Proposition 2, but that’s another matter altogether (or is it?)  Anyway, where does Senator Boxer come off making such broad, unsubstantiated statements to defend a bill that almost no one likes? 

If cap and trade is passed without significant revision it appears almost certain that rural energy customers (many of them farmers) will be facing much higher utility bills.  Other inputs, like fertilizer will also likely rise, driving up the cost of food.  Is it worth the expense to meet the conditions of the Kyoto Accord when we can be reasonably assured that other highly industrialized countries will not follow suit, therefore negating any impact we might have?  European governments who have already adopted similar measures are seeing a decrease in greenhouse gas releases, but at the cost of smaller businesses not being able to continue to operate, further boosting unemployment.  It doesn’t seem like a very fair trade-off.

Unpopular, ill-conceived legislation like cap and trade and the health care mess should prove to be the downfall of Boxer and her California Cronies, but then these voters are the ones who embraced Prop 2.  I’m just happy that some of our congressmen, including a few from the Commonwealth, continue to remember who gave them their jobs in the first place.  Unfortunately, many are just plain out-of-touch.  We need climate change, all right – the political climate in Washington.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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