Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Board draws closer to goal

from my article in The Farmer’s Pride

KY State Veterinarian Robert Stout

The Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission met October 11 to address the definitions section of the document that will establish the baseline for farm animal care in the Commonwealth.

As the old saying goes, “the devil’s in the details.”  The Commission worked for nearly three hours to address those details, attaching a definition to terms like “distress” and “humane.”  Springfield pork producer John Medley, Jr. was adamant.  “If we do not try to define humane, someone will do it for us.”

State Rep. Tom McKee, joint ag committee co-chair

State Rep. Tom McKee, D-Cynthiana, was in attendance at the meeting.  McKee chairs the House Agriculture and Small Business Committee and co-chairs the Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture.  He expressed the appreciation of the Kentucky General Assembly for the hard work and attention the volunteer commission has dedicated to the project thus far and stressed the importance of their task, urging them to continue to be diligent and “not act in haste.”

Acting Commission chair and State Veterinarian Robert Stout says the group is on-task and hopes to have a document by November 15, but quickly adds that the date is a goal, not a deadline.

Up to this point, the Commission has been addressing the general provisions of the proposal which are common to all livestock species.  Another meeting is scheduled for October 25 to begin consideration of the individual species drafts.

Dr. Stout charged all the members to make every effort to attend and be engaged in all future meetings, saying the group was “beyond needing a quorum.”


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