Several years ago I wrote a poem about a double rainbow I saw as we were putting square bales in the barn. This morning’s rainbows reminded me of it.

We turned from barn and bale

To venture out into the gentle mist

For a moment’s refreshing;

A welcomed respite from dust and sweat and straw


It’s brilliance made the first appearing

From the south just above the ridge

And then, in its own good time

Swept across the sky


Until horizons were connected

With warm rich hues

Painting dark, angry clouds

With tranquil beauty

Beyond knowledge of earthly things


Then, as if one weren’t enough

A second arc struck true and even

Just above the first

Not as vibrant, yet

Extraordinary in its uniqueness


A trick of the light?

More a manifestation of God’s Power and Grace

A suggestion of the beauty and magnificence

That someday will be fully revealed

To those who know Him

And love Him

And strive to do his will


A prayer of thanksgiving

For His life-giving

And a Covenant we treasure

As we watch it span

The doorstep of Heaven


About raybowman

church of Christ elder, farmer, grandad, agriculture writer and broadcaster

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  1. That was lovely 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, have a blessed day!

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