David Bryan 1952-2012

Richard Upchurch (left) with David Bryan

Just before Christmas I shared a few thoughts about the untimely death of my friend Chris Raines.  At 29, Raines had already gained considerable notoriety and there was a tremendous public outpouring of grief at his passing.

This week, leukemia took another dear friend, one who I’m sure you have never heard of.  In fact, the accompanying photo with our friend and colleague Richard “Pedro” Upchurch is one of the few I have of him.

David Bryan and I worked together for more than a decade in Kentucky state government.  We logged a lot of miles together across the Commonwealth, following various Governors with our microphones and cameras.  It wasn’t glamorous work, but Dave didn’t do glamorous.  He was an outstanding photographer with a keen eye for “the shot,” but he never called much attention to himself.

Dave was a man of somewhat small stature, never one to be considered larger than life.  When it came to loving and caring for his family, however, he was a giant.  I could share many stories, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to.  He was a very private fellow and I respect that, even now that he’s gone.

When Chris died, blogs and obits flooded the internet because he was a very public figure and his loss was widely recognized and deeply felt.  This will probably be the only blog to commemorate Dave’s life, because his life and death were simple, straightforward and humble.  He was a good man, a great friend, and I miss him.


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