Pop goes the soda ban

New York City’s mayor Michael Bloomberg is pitching a ban on large soft drinks and other sugary libations.  He’s not the only one who has designs on soda extinction.

While I certainly understand and appreciate the mayor’s concern about the alarming rate of obesity in the U.S., especially among young people, this move raises the obvious question:  Should government be allowed to mandate what we can and cannot eat or drink?

Absolutely not.

It didn’t work with prohibition and it won’t work with the Big Gulp.  Personal responsibility cannot be legislated or mandated.

Besides, who really thinks that the solution – or even part of it – is that simple?


About raybowman

church of Christ elder, farmer, grandad, agriculture writer and broadcaster

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  1. Caryl Velisek


  2. Great point. If people can’t stop junk from going in their mouths, let them suffer the consequences.

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