Matters of the Heart

ImageOn Valentine’s Day 2013 I learned I had a broken heart.  The murmur, as it had been referred to for all my 61 years had now become Severe Aortic Stenosis and needed to be quickly repaired.  I underwent surgery February 21 only to find there was also an aortic aneurysm dangerously close to rupture. In all, three operations were performed during the one surgical session

I’m at home recovering now and to answer the many questions that arose through social media, I thought I’d make a few simple facts available. My prognosis is full recovery in three months or less.

There are more things I want to say about such circumstances, like the value of animal use in human heath, but right now my whirring mind well outpaces my recovering body.

Most of all, I just wanted to say thanks. To God, for his mercy and manifest blessings, to all my family, to a world-class team of cardiovascular doctors, surgeons, nurses, rehab specialists and staff, and to those of you who have passed along your expressions of care and concern.

Lord willing, I just might hang around a little while longer.


About raybowman

church of Christ elder, farmer, grandad, agriculture writer and broadcaster

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