A Parable of Ageism

A few things lately prompted me to go back and have a look at this post. I still think there’s something to it…

The Farmer Feeds Us All

Image Unquestionably, John Wayne is my favorite actor.  Not to say that all his films were of the caliber of The Searchers or Red River .  There were some stinkers, like the 1956 disaster, The Conqueror , in which Duke was cast as – wait for it – Genghis Kahn!?!

Another film that doesn’t rate high in Wayne’s artistic canon is 1971’s Big Jake.  The considerable talents of Bruce Cabot, Maureen O’Hara and Richard Boone were mostly squandered in this B-grade oater, but the real draw to me is the underlying theme of ageism.  I doubt Wayne and director George Sherman fully appreciated the significance of the statement they made about a grandfather searching for his kidnapped grandson.

Jacob McCandles shows up at his sprawling New Mexico ranch after an absence of 18 years, only to learn from his estranged wife (O’Hara) that a grandson he never knew he had, also his namesake, has been…

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